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A Will can help make things easier for those nearest and dearest to you after your death. Preparing and signing a Will allows you to choose what will happen to your assets after your death and who will carry out your wishes. Our specialist team of Wills lawyers in Whickham or Cramlington can draw up a clear and straightforward Will for you.

A Will is a legal document which contains your wishes, choices and preferences as to who benefits from your assets and belongings (your estate) after you die and includes your choice as to who will be responsible (your executors) for putting into effect your wishes and directions.

Do I Need a Will?

There are many benefits to making a Will and perhaps the most crucial is that your assets can be gifted as you wish, making sure that your loved ones you wish to benefit from your estate.

It is also important to consider that if you die intestate, you have no say in what happens to your estate. A person is said to die intestate when they do not leave a Will. Without a Will, the statutory rules of intestate succession will apply to the estate and provide directions as to how it should be distributed.

This means that the law will dictate who will receive your assets and belongings (your estate) and this may not be how you want them to be distributed.

A will can also help your loved ones during a bereavement and also prevent any disputes or problems which may arise concerning your estate. The administration of an estate of a person who dies without making a will may be more expensive and more complex to administer than if you had made a will to set out your wishes in a precise and legally binding format.

What To Include In Your Will

There are many things to consider when writing your Will. At Yarwood Holmes Law our Solicitors have specialist knowledge to ensure that your Will takes into account all aspects of your end-of-life preparation. This can include, whom you want to administer your estate, whether you wish to be buried or cremated, how you wish to distribute any personal belongings such as items of particular sentimental value – jewellery or otherwise, whether you want to make monetary gifts to family members or others whom you have valued in your life, whom you wish to act in a capacity oversee affairs for your children under the age of 18 (appointing guardians for minors) and to help you minimise potential inheritance tax liability payable on the value of your estate.


We offer fixed fees on single Wills (£195 plus VAT) and Mirror Wills (£275 plus VAT) for yourself and your spouse or partner. Wills that include putting property in a Trust or a Discretionary Trust are £395 plus VAT (this also includes Severance of Joint Tenancy). We also offer a Codicil (an update to your existing Will) for £100 plus VAT. If any complexities arise which might increase costs (such as those outlined above) we will always discuss this with you and provide you with cost options.

Hourly Rates
Consultants and Solicitors £225 + VAT per Hour
Paralegals £100 + VAT per Hour
Land Registry Fee £3-6 (Depending on Property)

If it is not appropriate to offer a fixed fee in your case, then our charges may fall within our hourly rate. An estimate of these costs will be provided during our initial consultation before undertaking any work on your behalf.

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